What Adwalton Means to Me 1 of 17

1. Ian Lindley

What does Adwalton mean to me ? The simple answer is everything & too much !

Since coming here in 1978 having spent my junior cricket days at Drighlington I have made great friends , casual acquaintances, fearsome opponents, great influences , hard workers and right royal pains in the arse but all have added something to my life and the values I live by.

I remember lots of Cricket matches with some occasional personal landmarks, achievements and disappointments, great characters, lots of exciting incidents and action but to me Adwalton is so much more than what happens on the field.

It is the people who keep it alive and the friendships we make, Peter Goor who introduced me to Adwalton and has done every job going at the club( plus Joan who supported Peter all the way), Jack Horrocks such a lovely man who took everything in his long stride and never grumbled, Ray Andrew’s my first Captain who helped and guided me through my early days as Secretary, Les Jackson a tough competitor who knew how to wind me up to get my best, John Hill another tireless worker and friend who moved on to Yorkshire and never told me to get lost when I came begging for another favour, Les & Doreen Hall great workers Colin & Jean, Paul Bennett, Tom Healey, Chris Priestly, Jon Carney to Ben Allinson I have seen so many people who love this club and who will work there socks off to keep us alive !

Best Player - Peter Goor, proper team man.
Best Drinker- Kenny Beevers, no equal.
Most annoying - Jacko closely followed by Speighty.
Fastest Bowler - Dave Brownlow ( running away from paying).
Worst caller - Andrew Cutt (NEVER forgotten) Brian Wilcox close second, ran me out on debut at Howden Clough.
Fielding prize- Brian Murrell (catch v Allerton in cup came down with snow on it and won the game)
Weird run up - Greenwood Senior.
Hardest hitter- Stuart Jackson, Wilsden & Laisterdyke 6s were unbelievable ! Speighty never tires of telling me how far he went to fetch the ball.
Best Coach - G Man ! Every juniors had the walk and talk !!!!!!!!
Best shot - A straight 6 at Daisy Hill which hit my wife on the backside ( sorry Carol) !
Worst moment- Not the 3 times out LBW on 99 ! Being hit for 6 off the last ball at Northowram by bloody Rushworth to lose the most ill tempered game.
Personnel Highlight - All the juniors we have brought through and the fact we are still here putting two teams out every week when so many others have folded.

Future Hopes - Bagnall to buy me a drink !