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Merlo, Merko.. I'm sure we'll come up with something embarrassing whilst I'm over.

Bowling Speed?

Dunno, 110? 120? Depends if I've got a breeze at my back.

Favourite shot?

That would be the slog over cow corner.

Favourite Drink?

Coffee non alcoholic and probably beer for alcoholic.. or what ever is going.

Favourite food?

Yorkshire pudding! Nah probably Chicken Parma!

Renegades or Stars?

I'm a renegades man for sure.

NRL team?

Have to stick with the Melbourne Storm? Or the Leeds Rhinos..

AFL team?

The mighty pies! Collingwood #FOREVER

English team?

I don't have one! One of my close mates follows Man U but I can be persuaded!

Most looking forward to in the UK?

Meeting everyone at the club and bettering my cricket.. and seeing if the tetley's is that good..

Most worried about?

Will I still have to wear sunscreen in the U.K

Favourite player?

Have to be Glen McGrath, Most recently though would have to be D'arcy Short.

Worst Habit?

That would be smoking.

Fav music except Kylie, Jason or Men at Work?

Haha what about Shannon Noel? I listen to anything except country.

Boxing Day test or AFL final?

That is a really tough question, probably AFL If it was Collingwood in the Grand final.

VB or fosters?

VB for sure, angels tears.

Best thing about Melbourne?

There is so many places to eat.

Fascinating fact?

I was born in the U.K. At Westminster