Gareth Lee
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7. Gareth Lee

Previous Clubs: Pudsey St Lawrence, Farsley. New Farnley. Calverley. Gomersal.

Best Bowling: 6-11

Top Score: 189

After match drink: Cider or Lager and Lime

Fielding position: Point

Worst habit: Hitting the ball in the air

Biggest pal in cricket: world be our new captain Ryan Robinson.(suck up)

Best player played with: Bowler Simon Doull, Batter Ashley metcalf. Against: Bowler Rana naved, batter, Andrew gale,

Karaoke Song: One more day (diamond rio)

Other sports: football, golf, tennis, any sports really.

Football team: sorry, Manchester United

Holiday Destination : Cuba

Fave shot: Straight or Cover Drive