Getting to know the players 3 of 8

3. James Curtis

Fav shot: reverse sweep to the paceman (sorry PB).

Best player with: Charlie Holdsworth

Best player against: difficult one, Trent Otto hits the biggest sixes though.

Night feed or mucky nappy?
Definitely night feed, sleep is overrated.

Pampers or huggies? We're more budget than that, mamia from Aldi all the way!

Silver Cross or Min Bebe?
Again, silver Cross would be lovely but mamas and papas special it is.

Asda or Pampers wipes?
Asda wipes all the way, the pampers ones smell funny.

Freya or Laura?
Definitely Freya, she's my absolute world

Longest sleep since Freya was born?
I got a solid 10 hours Friday night, Laura couldn't sleep ?

Battenberg or Swiss Roll?
Swiss roll, battenberg is a bit weird.

Funniest at Adwalton?
VP is a funny guy, but The Human Highlight Reel has a better quality wit (sorry Vin).

Harder captaining Adwalton or being a Dad?
Captaining Adwalton definitely a bigger challenge last year, early days with the parenthood though.