Craig Wright
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1. Craig Wright

Best player played with? Hard to name just one

Best played against? Wouldn’t have a clue. Never took that much notice of who i have played against!

Fav shot? The leave/Miss

Essex girl or Yorkshire Lass ? Yorkshire lass to take home to meet your mother. Essex lass for filth

Do you like Banana’s? Every minion likes bananas

Biggest ego at Adwalton? There are a few! Jacko’s loudness takes some beating!!

Largest pet lip at Adwalton? Tommy Lindsay but the list of contenders is long and distinguished

Favourite food? Bananas

Favourite drink? Banana milkshake

Highest score? 126

Funniest at Adwalton? Me

Hardest thing about being short? Not being able to take the mick out of short people

Fav other sport? Mud wrestling